This page allows you to install the latest replacement firmware for the ‘Punkcyber’ clock. This is available via PCBWay where the page is called ‘RGB Glow Tube DIY Clock’.


Connect your clock to this computer then click the approprate button below to install the latest version of the replacement firmware (it is recommended that you unplug other USB devices from your computer just to be safe). This will also allow you to configure the WiFi settings for the clock (or you can use the access point the clock will create if you prefer).

You will see a dialog box showing you the various USB ports, select the one that your clock is connected to.

Full Install

If this is the first time you have installed v1.5.x, choose this option. If you choose to erase the clock when prompted, you will lose any WiFi settings too.

Firmware Only

If you have installed v1.5.x before, you can choose this option, your files and settings will remain unchanged. DO NOT CHOOSE TO ERASE THE CLOCK WHEN GIVEN THAT OPTION. If you do you will have to do the full install again:

Configure Wifi

Use the following button to just configure wifi without flashing:

Your browser does not support provisioning.