Eagle and KiCAD Libraries

Eagle and KiCAD Nixie Libraries

I’ve uploaded Eagle and KiCAD libraries for nixie tubes and some useful components to my GitHub page. Note that many are re-usable for other tubes as they use the same sockets and pin-outs – see my adapters page  for links to more information.

The libraries include:


  • IN-1
  • IN-2 (RSH-27 socket)
  • IN-3
  • IN-4
  • IN-6
  • IN-7
  • IN-8 (RSH-27 socket)
  • IN-8-2
  • IN-9
  • IN-12A (SK-136 socket)
  • IN-12B (SK-136 socket)
  • IN-13
  • IN-14
  • IN-15A
  • IN-15B
  • IN-16
  • IN-17
  • IN-18 (corrected rotation, two socket variants)
  • IN-19A
  • IN-19B
  • IN-19V


  • B5991 (SK-136 socket)
  • 6844A (B13B socket)
  • GR10J (B17A socket)
  • B5441A (SK-182 socket)
  • CD-11 (TSB-14P socket)
  • CK1918 (RTS-14 socket)
  • GENERIC (ZIF socket for tubes with flying leads)
  • NL840 (RTS-11 and RTS-14 socket)
  • NL7037 (RTS-5 socket)
  • ZM1000 (55702 ‘Eurogrid’ socket)
  • ZM1042 (B13B socket)


Various component footprints I use on my boards.

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  1. Hello, I am new to KiCAD and wanted to add your Nixie libraries. I can find the schematic symbol of the IN-16 tube, but somehow I can’t manage to find the footprint file for it. Can you maybe give me a hint how to include the footprint file? Many thanks, André

    1. The footprint files end in .mod. You should add them to the footprint path in KiCAD. I can’t recall how, but it is easily found through google.

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