Burroughs were one of the original manufacturers of Nixie tubes. In fact ‘Nixie’ is a trademark of Burroughs Corp. They bought the company that actually started manufacture of Nixie tubes – Baydu Brothers. Though there are earlier mass-produced cold-cathode numeric display devices made by National Union.


The 122P224 Nixie tube (or B5092A) was made by Burroughs of the United States, so this is a genuine branded Nixie tube. This tube is special because it has Krypton 85 added, which is a radioactive isotope of Krypton that emits alpha particles. These keep the Neon ionized and so help reduce the time it takes the tube to 'ignite', especially in dark conditions.


The B6091 is a medium-sized Nixie tube made by Burroughs


The B54370A seems to be a variation of the B5441A - it has a comma in place of one of the decimal points, probably for use in displaying thousands.


The HB-106 was the first ever branded Nixie tube, made at the Haydu Brothers factory, which was owned by Burroughs.