Symbol Tubes

Symbol tubes


Rodan-Okaya CD14 top-view symbol tube


The GR-524 is an extremely rare symbol tube made by Rodan-Okaya. It shows the abbreviated days of the week in Kanji.


The GR-574 is an extremely rare nixie tube made by Rodan-Okaya of Japan.


The Rodan-Okaya GR-707. A small top-view nixie tube showing electrical symbols. Clearly intended for use in a multi-meter. This has the unusual feature of a side-nipple. The pin arrangement is also very unusual.


The Rodan-Okaya GR-836 is a large and extremely rare top-view 'nixie' tube. It has two Japanese symbols, which as far as I can tell mean 'power' and 'on'.

Unknown 1

This is an unknown Rodan tube that just has the characters 'A' and 'R' in it. It uses the same envelope as the GR-201