Side View Tubes

Side view tubes

B54370A <p>The B54370A seems to be a variation of the B5441A - it has a comma in place of one of the decimal points, probably for use in displaying thousands.</p>
CD47 <p>The CD47 (GR-414) is the largest tube in the world, with a digit height of 135mm. It was made by Rodan-Okaya of Japan.</p>
CD66A <p>The CD66A is a medium sized nixie tube made by the Japanese company NEC</p>
CD72 <p>The Matsushita CD72 is a small Nixie tube with a digit height of 13mm. It includes a right-hand decimal point.</p>
CD80P <p>The CD80P is a small nixie tube made by Hitachi of Japan.</p>
CK8754 <p>The CK8754 is a numerical front-view nixie tube by the Raytheon company of America. It is a plug-in replacement for the NL840 and, like that tube, features a fine grid.</p>
GN-13A <p>ITT GN-13A Nixie Tube</p>
GR10G <p>The GR10G is a medium sized tube manufactured by ETL. It is unusual in that there is no solid back to the tube, so the digits can be viewed all the way around.</p>
GR10J <p>The GR10J numicator by HIVAC. A lot of HIVAC tubes have a distinctive gold-colored anode.</p>
GR10W <p>This is the GR10W digitron - a medium-sized nixie tube by the English company ETL. Like its bigger brother the GR10G, this tube has a 360 degree anode mesh with no solid backing. Also like its brother, it has unusually high voltage and current requirements.</p>
GR-111a <p>The GR-111a is a small side-view nixie tube made by Rodan-Okaya of Japan</p>
GR-115 <p>The GR-115 is a small nixie tube made by Rodan-Okaya.</p>
GR-211 <p>A medium-sized tube manufactured by Rodan-Okaya</p>
IN-16 <p>The IN-16 is a small nixie tube made by Gazotron in the former USSR.</p>
IN-18 <p>The Gazotron IN-18 is the largest soviet Nixie tube, with 40mm digits.</p>
LC-531 <p>The LC531 is a medium sized nixie tube made by Unitra-Dolam of Poland. It has two decimal points in addition to the numbers 0-9.</p>
LC-631 <p>The LC-631 is a medium/large sized nixie tube made by Unitra-Dolam of Poland. It is pin-compatible with other medium/large tubes such as the ZM1042 and the Z5660M</p>
NL5441A <p>A smooth-topped version of the B5441/NL5441. This became very popular when a few Divergence Meters were built using this tube.</p>
NL7037 <p>The NL7037 is the largest American nixie tube. It is the same size as the Z568M.</p>
NL-934 <p>The NL-934 is a version of the NL-7037 but with a decimal point</p>
XN3 <p>The XN3 numicator is a medium-sized nixie tube made by Hivac of England.</p>
XN12 <p>The Hivac XN12 numicator</p>
XN-13 <p>Hivac XN-13 Numicator. This has Hivac's signature gold-colored anode grid.</p>
Z568M <p>A Z568M tube manufactured by WF/RFT</p>
ZM1000 <p>The ZM1000 Nixie tube made by Amperex</p>
ZM1000R <p>The ZM1000R is a red-tinted version of the ZM1000</p>
ZM1010 <p>The ZM1010, made by RTC, is a version of the ZM1000 but with a completely transparent anode cage.</p>
ZM1040 <p>The ZM1040 was made by many manufacturers, with slight differences in internal construction between them. This one was made by Tesla.</p>
ZM1042 <p>This model was made by several manufacturers, each with slightly different internal construction. This is the un-coated version of the ZM1040.</p>
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