Top View Tubes

Top-view tubes

122P224 <p>The 122P224 Nixie tube (or B5092A) was made by Burroughs of the United States, so this is a genuine branded Nixie tube. This tube is special because it has Krypton 85 added, which is a radioactive isotope of Krypton that emits alpha particles. These keep the Neon ionized and so help reduce the time it takes the tube to 'ignite', especially in dark conditions.</p>
B6091 <p>The B6091 is a medium-sized Nixie tube made by Burroughs</p>
CD12 <p>Rodan-Okaya CD12 tube</p>
CD13 <p>The CD13 by Rodan-Okaya. A miniature top-view nixie tube.</p>
CD14 <p>Rodan-Okaya CD14 top-view symbol tube</p>
CD16B <p>The CD16B is a medium-sized nixie tube made by NEC of Japan</p>
CD18 <p>This CD18 was made in Japan by Matsushita. It is another tube that fits a B13B socket. The construction implies it was an early tube.</p>
CD24 <p>A CD24 tube made by Rodan-Okaya.</p>
CD25 <p>Rodan CD25</p>
CD26 <p>The CD26 Nixie tube by NEC of Japan</p>
CD27 <p>The CD27 is the largest top view nixie made by Rodan Okaya - at 54mm, the numerals are larger than the NL7037 and Z568.</p>
CD28 <p>The CD28 is a small nixie tube made by Rodan-Okaya of Japan.</p>
CD-102 <p>The CD-102, made by NEC of Japan.</p>
G10/200E <p>The G10/200E is a nixie tube made by STC in England.</p>
GI-10 <p>National Union GI-10 Inditron. Widely accepted to be the first mass-produced 'nixie'.</p>
GI-21 <p>National Union GI-21 Inditron</p>
GN-1 <p>The GN-1 nixie tube made by STC of England, is a very early example of a nixie tube.</p>
GN-4P <p>This version of the GN-4 has a red-coating and a decimal point on the left and was manufactured by Lorenz SEL.</p>
GN5 <p>ITT GN5. A medium-sized top-view Nixie tube</p>
GR-1 <p>The GR-1 is one of the first nixie tubes made by Rodan-Okaya (the other being the larger <a href="">GR-2</a>). You can see that the lettering on the tube is spelled <em>Rodin</em>, which is typical of the earlier tubes. This tube became the <a href="">GR-201</a> and eventually the CD11.</p>
GR-2 <p>Rodan-Okaya GR-2. Apparently an earlier version of the CD12.</p>
GR10H <p>The GR10H Digitron is an early nixie tube made by ETL of England.</p>
GR10K <p>The GR10K is a medium-sized nixie tube made by the English company ETL.</p>
GR-201 <p>Rodan Okaya GR-201</p>
GR-524 <p>The GR-524 is an extremely rare symbol tube made by Rodan-Okaya. It shows the abbreviated days of the week in Kanji.</p>
GR-574 <p>The GR-574 is an extremely rare nixie tube made by Rodan-Okaya of Japan.</p>
GR-707 <p>The Rodan-Okaya GR-707. A small top-view nixie tube showing electrical symbols. Clearly intended for use in a multi-meter. This has the unusual feature of a side-nipple. The pin arrangement is also very unusual.</p>
GR-836 <p>The Rodan-Okaya GR-836 is a large and extremely rare top-view 'nixie' tube. It has two Japanese symbols, which as far as I can tell mean 'power' and 'on'.</p>
GR-1485 <p>The GR-1485 is a symbol tube made by Rodan-Okaya of Japan. It has the letters A through J</p>
GR-43091 <p>The GR-43091 is a symbol tube made by Rodan-Okaya of Japan. It has the letters A through J</p>
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