with decimal points

These numeric tubes all have decimal points too.


The B54370A seems to be a variation of the B5441A - it has a comma in place of one of the decimal points, probably for use in displaying thousands.


The CD16B is a medium-sized nixie tube made by NEC of Japan


The CD66A is a medium sized nixie tube made by the Japanese company NEC


The CD80P is a small nixie tube made by Hitachi of Japan.


This version of the GN-4 has a red-coating and a decimal point on the left and was manufactured by Lorenz SEL.


The GR-111a is a small side-view nixie tube made by Rodan-Okaya of Japan


The GR-115 is a small nixie tube made by Rodan-Okaya.


The IN-16 is a small nixie tube made by Gazotron in the former USSR.


The LC531 is a medium sized nixie tube made by Unitra-Dolam of Poland. It has two decimal points in addition to the numbers 0-9.


A smooth-topped version of the B5441/NL5441. This became very popular when a few Divergence Meters were built using this tube.


The NL-934 is a version of the NL-7037 but with a decimal point


The ZM1010, made by RTC, is a version of the ZM1000 but with a completely transparent anode cage.


The ZM1080T is a medium sized nixie tube made by Tesla in the former Czechoslovakia


The ZM1175 is a medium size Nixie tube made by Mullard of England. It is distinctive for its a node grid being made of horizontal wires.


The ZM1212 from Telefunken is a medium-sized side-view nixie tube. The anode is made up of very fine horizontal wires, which lends it a very distinctive appearance.

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