Side View Tubes

Side view tubes


The ZM1041 is a large Nixie tube that can display a plus and minus symbol. It has a red coating to improve contrast. This particular one was made by Mullard of the U.K.


This model was made by several manufacturers, each with slightly different internal construction. This is the un-coated version of the ZM1040.


The ZM1080T is a medium sized nixie tube made by Tesla in the former Czechoslovakia


The ZM1174 is a version of the ZM1175 with a red tinted coating to improve contrast


The ZM1175 is a medium size Nixie tube made by Mullard of England. It is distinctive for its a node grid being made of horizontal wires.


The Telefunken ZM1370 Varisymbol planar neon display. Telefunken briefly manufactured this and the ZM1350. It is a 15 segment display.

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