The G10/200E is an early nixie tube made by STC of England, who used the name Nodistron for their tubes. There is a lot of confusion about this tube, however there seems to be a fairly clear timeline.

The Nodistron numerical indicator tube of S.T.C. has been improved in a new model, G10 /201E. This glow -discharge device has larger numerals, is now capable of working from both d.c. and a.c. and has no wire mesh anode in a visible position to obscure the view of the numerals.

    • The Lorenz datasheet for the GN-1, dated 1961, is marked as preliminary. That data sheet makes special mention of the two anodes (one for AC and one for DC), so it is reasonable to assume that the GN-1 is a standard type code for a successor to the G10/201E.

As with the advert, this tube has the anode mesh in place as you can see from the photos.

Digit size 20mm
Base B12A

The Nodistron advert

Nodistron G10/200E advert
Nodistron G10/200E advert


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