The ZM1175 is a medium sized Nixie tube made by Mullard of England. This tube has a left-side decimal point.

Mullard tubes are distinctive for their anode being made of horizontal wires.

Digit size 15.5mm
Min current 1.5mA
Max current 3.5mA

Mullard was a subsidiary of Philips, who marked all of their tubes with identifying codes, so it is possible to figure out where and when this tube was made. The format of the markings on this tube is:


  • TTT is the type code (MFX in this case)
  • C is an internal batch code (0 in this case)
  • F is the factory code (R means Mullard, Mitcham). This is the code on all my Mullard tubes, so I guess this is where Mullard made their nixies.
  • Y is 2, which probably means 1972 (1962 would be the other option)
  • M is I which means September
  • W is a symbol that I don’t know the meaning of

This site does a good job of explaining the codes.


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